Learn about our impact

We measure our success by the lives we improve. Here are a few testimonials from clients and supporters that demonstrate the power of our work. To respect the privacy of our clients, we have removed their names.

“Thank you Lindsay, Julie, and the entire staff of Crossroads Corral, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you have greatly increased my personal quality of life as well as those of many of my Brothers and Sisters. There are truly no words that can express my gratitude. God Bless you all and I look forward to continuing our partnership and my own personal healing through Crossroads Corral.”
Veteran Client
Crossroads Corral changes lives….there is simply no greater truth than that. Lindsay Brim, Julie Hester, and the entire Crossroads staff are truly Angels walking among us. Their programs specializing in equine assisted therapy personal development have truly changed the lives of my Brother and Sisters in Arms as well as many local youth.
Veteran client
“Doing the work at Crossroads Corral
 really helped my son with behavioral issues and equipped my husband and I with tools to manage the behavior in a positive way.”
Mother of client
“My son was having some listening and attention issues. So far, he has reacted very well to equine therapy!”
mother of client
“I have personally witnessed the healing of several Wounded Warriors who though highly hesitant of accepting the methodology of equine assisted therapy now are among the Corral’s most vocal supporters because they have experienced the healing and breakthrough of equine therapy.”
Veteran client
“Crossroads Corral offers a wonderful opportunity for healing and growth for those trying to cope with life’s challenges, both past and present. The staff are welcoming, compassionate, and dedicated to helping others, but best of all they understand the power of the horse in their mission. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with years of office experience, I see that this is more than typical counseling. These humans and horses are a team that facilitate awareness and change via experience. Keep up the good work, Crossroads Corral!”
Kathy Wilkes
Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor/Volunteer at Crossroads Corral
I wanted to send you a personal thank you note from us. The kids loved it!!! They talked about it all weekend and after each day; what they learned, how much fun they had and oh the horses. ?
It was such a great experience for them and we/they were so happy. I just wanted to share and let you know we appreciate it all. Thank you again, you guys are a great group!”
Mother of clients
Equine assisted psychotherapy has helped me more than any other treatment. It is a must try!
Veteran client