Our Programs

Crossroads Corral Programs

At Crossroads Corral, we offer a range of equine-assisted programs designed to support personal and professional growth. Please select the best program for your needs below to learn more.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy provides a unique approach to mental health treatment, helping individuals address trauma, anxiety, and other challenges through therapeutic activities with horses.

Corporate Team Building

Our Corporate Team Building program enhances teamwork and leadership skills, offering companies a memorable and impactful way to improve communication and trust.

Equine Assisted Learning

our Equine Assisted Learning program focuses on developing essential life skills such as self-confidence, problem-solving, and creative thinking through hands-on experiences with horses.

Each of these programs is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients, fostering healing and development in a supportive environment.